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 She was in high school when she showed up to track practice in a pair of basketball shorts and high tops. Little did she know that stepping on to that track would lead her to a series of many accomplishments that would change her life.


  • 5-year athletic scholarship to Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • First Athlete from CSUDH to attend the Olympic Trials in 2004
  • Became the Fastest Woman Alive in 2009.
  • First woman to receive two sprint medals and a 4x100 relay medal
  • Broke a 27-year-old World Record at the 2010 games
  • Inducted into the NCAA, CCAA, CSUDH and Bishop Montgomery Hall Of Fame

 What’s next for the Fastest Women Alive?

Q + A

 Levelwear is celebrating International Women’s Day all month long, who would you like to celebrate this month?


Wow, I have such a long list of women that I know for a fact do amazing things. Several female coaches in Track & Field are my mentors and continue to give me guidance whenever I need it. I love when another woman is willing to help, we have to get out of that mindset that we can’t all shine. There is enough sparkle for everyone.  It makes me smile when I see women cheerleading for one another.


Fastest Woman Alive, World Record Holder, Olympic Medalist, What’s next for you?


Well it's time for me to help the next generation become great.  I am the sprints and Hurdles coach at Missouri State University


What do you love the most about being a coach / mentor to young athletes?


I love coaching because I am able to guide someone in the right direction, I love the expression on an athlete’s face when they get it. Or the smile you get when they appreciate you. It’s an amazing feeling!


What advice would you give an aspiring athlete?


I would tell all athletes to write your goals down on real paper and watch it unfold, and not to be afraid to fail.  There will always be someone telling you that you can’t don’t let that someone be you.

What is your favourite Verve piece to wear?


The Snugg Tights - "Not only cute, but comfortable. Overall the gear can be worn to workout, to coach or if you are just on the go."


Thank you for highlighting me for your campaign, I know my purpose in life & it’s to help young women know their worth and understand they belong. I believe in speaking all positive vibes into myself and other people.  Now let's continue to take over the world




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