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Isabella Echeverri

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Isabella Echeverri is a soccer Olympian for the Colombian National Team

Isabella was the first girl at her high school to play on the boys’ team. She grew up having the continuous pressure to prove herself, but her work ethic and perseverance has led hear to play at the national level, representing Colombia at the Women’s World Cup at the age of 21 and participating in the Olympics at 23.

What was it like growing up playing on the boys’ soccer team in high school?

When I think back to the times that I played with boys, everything seemed normal. I was just a small girl who loved soccer and I didn’t care who was watching or the fact that I was different. Time went by and I started getting judged because I was a girl, my mom had to talk to the director of the school because they were not going to let me play with boys anymore. My mom was the MVP who always encouraged me to do what I loved the most!

Levelwear is celebrating International Women’s Day all month long, who would you like to celebrate this month and why?

This month I want to celebrate love and equality! As women we need to stand together for what we deserve and live the life we truly want. I would love to celebrate this month with my mom. She was the one who pushed me to be better when no one believed in me. She is a unique human being that deserves every second of joy and I want to make this month super special for her!

What did it feel like competing at the World Cup & representing your country?

It was the best experience of my life. The moment I stepped on to the pitch I was both excited and super nervous! I was very young, and we were beating France (3rd best team in the world). We ended up scoring again and celebrating a goal like that with my teammates was amazing!

It was so special that I have the date tattooed on my right leg. June 13, 2015!

Recently in the news & on social, you have been raising awareness around the discrimination towards the Colombian Women’s National Team - What pushed you to speak up about these substandard conditions?

I have been playing with the national team for the last 8 years now. These years have been amazing but also very frustrating because I knew the conditions for both women and men are completely different. After my last tournament, I called my friend Melissa and we decided it was time to tell the truth about our situation in the national team. We relied on each other and published a video explaining how we were treated, and it went viral! We are now working with the Colombian government to ensure better conditions to generations to come!

What keeps you motivated? Do you have words / mantra that you live by? 

I truly believe that if you work hard and do good, great things will happen. What goes around, comes around!

What’s your favourite Verve - Levelwear item to wear?

I love the Snugg leggings! I can go to the gym, play soccer or just lounge around in. They are so comfortable and love the way they look.

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