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Sabrina Wieser

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Sabrina Wieser a marathoner, creator and running coach in New York City.

She spreads the joy and power of running & fitness to the world as a certified coach and athlete based in New York City. Sabrina loves to inspire others and motivate them to become a better version of themselves through wellness of mind and body.

 Q + A

What do you love about running? How has it influenced who you are?

 Running makes me feel alive, strong and confident. Especially after completing my first marathon, I knew that in running but also in life you can accomplish anything as long as you put in the work and never stop believing in yourself.

 Running can be intimidating, especially if you are starting later in life - as a coach, what is your advice for someone just starting?

 My number one advice for running beginners is to take it slow and be forgiving. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and has their own journey

 What keeps you motivated? Do you have words / mantra that you live by?  

 Running gives me so much joy that most of the time that feeling alone is my motivation. During races I tell myself the faster I run, the faster it will be over. This works pretty great actually.

Levelwear is celebrating International Women’s Day all month long, who would you like to celebrate this month and why?

Women empowerment is a huge part of what I work for as a coach here in New York. I will host a couple of Women’s runs this month and celebrate the fact that women’s running has changed incredibly over the years. It’s amazing.

 What’s your favourite Verve - Levelwear item to wear?

I’m all about comfort and great quality when it comes to my clothes, Levelwear Verve Margot in black is my favorite. It fits perfectly and is super comfortable.










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